We create inspiring recipes

  • The recipes are put together with a lot of care in order make a cohesive meal plan for the whole week.
  • We optimise the ingredients so there is no waste.
  • The recipes are planned according to the season and the box themes, and the recipes change every week.

We pick great regional and BIO ingredients

We guarantee that 100% of the meat is of BIO or wild origin. 100% of the dairy is BIO and all dry products are BIO with the exception of a very few items. And we guarantee that 90% of the vegetables and fruits are BIO. We also strive to work with local growers as this is best for the environment and also supports our local economy. Meat will mostly be local, whereas vegetables can only be local when in season in our area. Our recipes will respect the seasonal availability of vegetables whenever possible.

Meet our suppliers

We deliver to your doorstep

Every week our boxes are delivered in chilled, insulated boxes to your doorstep. All our packaging is reusable or compostable. You choose the frequency of your delivery and the delivery address of your choice in the country of Luxembourg or in the border region of Belgium. You can even have the box delivered to your office or if you are not home we can leave the chilled, insulated box outside your door according to your instructions (not on top of the roof please).

You cook great everyday meals in your own kitchen

Now you get to do the fun stuff! Just choose the recipe you would like to cook, prepare the ingredients and enjoy the great smell and taste of a home cooked meal. We have busy lives, so many of our recipes can be prepared in less than 45 min, and some even in 25min. In every box there will be a range of recipes so on the days where you have little time you can choose a recipe which is quicker to prepare.

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