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Where does your food come from?

mars 9th, 2015

When you get your Avocado food box, filled with organic luxury, do you ever wonder where the food actually comes from?

We love to provide you with healthy organic ingredients made in Luxembourg. The choice of Luxembourg organic produce is very small, but whatever we can get our hands on, we regularly ensure it ends up on your dining table!

But whether local, regional or exotic, we strive to understand the origin of our products and have a preference for anything as close to home as possible.

Our suppliers are such an important part of our concept and we are proud and excited to work with every one of them. And we would love to share our enthusiasm with you and for you to get to know them a little better as well.

Co-Labor - Organic fruit and veggies straight from the field in Luxembourg. Not only do they produce great tasting veggies, they also have a social cause and employ people who have a hard time finding a job. It is a very human approach and since it is so small, they have very original produce. And we just love when the cucumbers are NOT straight or when we get huge carrots, totally out of proportions to standard produce. It just shows us that it’s human and natural, and it doesn’t get any fresher or more real than that!

Biomaufel – Organic meats all from Luxembourg origin. An initiative to promote Luxembourg organic meat under a common name, Biomaufel provides meat from many organic livestock farmers in Luxembourg. Under one common name, they ensure the high quality and freshness of their products.

Coq de prés - Organic poultry cooperative with poultry from Luxembourg and neighbouring area. Since each organic chicken farmer can only provide chickens every 3 months, the members have a rotation to ensure fresh chicken for the consumer every week. The Luxembourg chicken farmer is Emmering.

Dudel Magie – Emmering who raises chickens, created their own pasta production a couple of years ago. The idea simply came from the need to use the small eggs which the young chickens lay. The eggs are too small to sell, so they are now producing delicious spelt pasta with these fresh eggs. We just love their pasta!

Baltes – A goat milk farmer unlike any other. Their love for nature and animals is clear from the moment you step into the farm. Their goat milk products are of great quality and variety and we just love their goats’ cheeses which we regularly use in our boxes.

Happy People – Whenever we feel like you need something sweet, we grab to our supplier Happy People who produce their delicious chocolates in Belgium. They have a love for nuts and dried fruits, and everything covered in chocolate. Whether raw, dark or milk, they have everything a chocolate-heart desires. You often find their products in our Energy mixes. They also have great savoury snacks, which we sometimes use in our snack boxes. Yummi!

Danish Deli – Specialised in Danish produce, Danish Deli know how to make great bread! Striving towards the organic, they are now using more and more organic ingredients in their production. We just love their Bread muffins and burger buns.

Poissonerie Kirch – Based in Luxembourg, our fish monger ensures we get fresh and wild or organic fish.

Biogros – Known for providing many supermarkets in Luxembourg with organic produce, Biogros is the largest organic food wholesaler in Luxembourg. They provide many local products through the brand BIOG, but also import mainly from the EU, but also from all over the world. Their high demands to the producers they work with ensure their products are not just organic, but also ethical.

There is nothing better than vegetables literally harvested only a couple of hours before added to your box. The season in Luxembourg is short and we are happy the “long” winter months are coming to an end and the farmers are finally starting to seed again. Join us and look forward to another season of organic freshness with our boxes.

Are you a local organic food producer or farmer? Please contact us, we would love to hear your story and add your products to our boxes!