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Wieso entsaften nicht immer so gut ist wie sein Ruf

15. Februar 2016



The interest for juicing has increased enormously over the past 5 years. It has gone from being an activity for health freaks only, to becoming something widely spread amongst a very large and hip community.

In the era of juicing for health freaks (pre 2010), juicing was indeed a means of improving health and actually helped to keep many modern diseases at bay. But this is not the general aim of juicing now-a-days. And so, the health benefits have also diminished along the way. This sounds strange right, but let me explain.

Health freaks (I apologize for using this word, but it does paint a picture of who I’m talking about) love vegetables. The general public loves fruits.

So how to combine the two? This is how mass market juicing was born and made juicing accepted by a large target market. The solution to attract the masses: The modern juices suddenly contain a much higher percentage of fruits than vegetables!


A modern “green juice” often contains mainly fruits! Just a little green veggie is added for the green colour. And most people don’t even bother to read the labels on store-bought juices. They think: “Hey, it’s green, it’s juice, it must be REALLY good for me. Right?!”


Ehh, no! What does 500ml of fruit juice do to you? It contains more sugar than you should consume in a whole day! That’s right people, MORE SUGAR THAN YOU SHOULD EAT IN A DAY!

Making this even worse, juice contains no fibres, nothing at all to slow the sugar metabolism! The fructose goes straight to the liver, raises your insulin levels and is turned into fat!

So much for healthy juicing!

But of course juicing CAN be really healthy if done like the health freaks used to do.




- Juice with the ratio 80/20. Minimum 80% veggies and max 20% fruit in order to sweeten your juice a little


- Add some whole, blended veggies or fruits to your juice in order to have some fibres in your juice. This makes you feel more full and helps regulate your blood sugar


- Only buy FRESH vegetable juices or juice yourself. Pasteurized juices contain even more sugar! And even if you buy fresh juices, READ THE LABEL!


- A juice or smoothie can be a great replacement for a meal or an afternoon snack, but juice does not replace the amount of water you should consume every day!


And now it’s time to get juicing….but the right way please! J

Our juice box always contains a mix of vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies.