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The DIY Juice Box

Choose this box if you love your vegetables in liquid form, or if you are just curious to try it.
Drinking your vegetables is often a great alternative for kids and adults who are not used to eating many vegetables. This way you can still get the vitamins without the sensation of having become a rabbit!

The box is also great for health conscious people who just love to drink juiced vegetables and fruits. Drinking a green vegetable juice in the morning with a dash of fruit is a great way to start the day.

You may not believe it now, but I promise you even the kids will love it (just tell them it’s monster slime and they will go crazy to drink it!).

This box contains recipes and ingredients for a combination of fruit juices, vegetable juices and smoothies.

For best results with this box, you need to have a juicer and a mixer at home.

The characteristics of this box:

  • Each recipes yields approx 700-900ml of juice, depending on your juicer.
  • Plenty of fruits and vegetables. Some local, some exotic.
  • Nuts, seeds, spices and other great a stuff to add to your juice
  • New seasonal recipes every week
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Recipes for the 3 meals box

  • Exotic strawberry, carrot, coconut and fig smoothie
    10 min
    181 kcal p.p.
  • Fresh apple, pear and ginger juice
    20 min
    298 kcal p.p.
  • Vanilla and raspberry smoothie with poppy seeds
    20 min
    142 kcal p.p.

Recipes for the 3 meals box

  • Easy carrot, apple and orange juice with basil
    20 min
    372 kcal p.p.
  • Green pineapple smoothie with parsley
    20 min
    318 kcal p.p.
  • Bloody pear juice with sweet potatoes and beetroot
    20 min
    345 kcal p.p.


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A package of frozen raspberries
1 pcs
Frozen strawberries
1 pcs


3 pcs
1 pcs
1500 g
30 g
4 pcs

Drinks and beverages

Coconut water green
1 pcs


Dried soft figs
40 g
Ground vanilla
2 g
Poppy seeds
5 g

Milk products

Butter milk
1 pcs


4 pcs
600 g
800 g
3 pcs
4 pcs
1 pcs
400 g
Sweet potatoes
500 g


20 g
Flat parsley
20 g
BIO ingredients
EU/non-EU agriculture

Good to have at home

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A blender


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  • Milk
Contains no allergens
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