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The Organic Food Hype

October 16th, 2013

Trends show that more and more people buy organic food. Why are we so fascinated with organic food? Is it just hype or is it really that much better?

At Avocado, 90% of our ingredients are organic. Here is one of the reasons why:

To me organic food means respect. Respect for humans, animals and nature. Think about that. We can argue all day long whether it can be scientifically proven that there are more vitamins in organic food than in conventional. It won’t get us anywhere. What we can argue for sure though is the issue of respect. We humans want to be respected, but why then are we so ignorant when it comes to food?

Next time you pick up a shrink-wrapped chicken in the supermarket think about this:

How many other chickens did this chicken have to share its space with?
How many injections did it get in order not to become sick (not to mention the long term affects all these chemicals have on us humans once we eat them)?
What stress did the farmer have to go through in order to meet his quota to be able to sell the chicken for the lowest price?
Do we really show the farmer respect when we know he is sometimes paid less than 1 Euro per chicken?

Hype or not, I think these arguments are enough to make the right choice!

Some people tell me that if I really think about these things then I should become a fruitarian, and shouldn’t drive a car or buy from companies with dubious work ethics. And yes, in theory they are right, but we still live in a modern world and like our comforts. Nobody expects you to go out and live in a hut in the forest! But changing SOMETHING is better than nothing! I think when it comes to food it’s a win win situation. I do something for the farmers, animals and nature AND it gives me a healthier life!

What do you think?

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