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The Journey of an Avocado Food Box

June 10th, 2014

Would you like to know how we keep your food cold until you come home?

Last week I put a special thermometer in one of our Food Boxes to track the temperature along the way. This is the journey of the thermometer (you can also see the full graph below):

First we pack the vegetables and dry goods in our cooled production space.

Second we add the cold ingredients such as meat, fish and dairy products. And we add the ice elements. Then we firmly close the boxes and ship them off to delivery at 4:00 in the morning (Yes we really do get up this early!).

Once the ice elements are in, the temperature drops rapidly, ensuring that the critical food such as meat, fish and dairy stays nice and cold.

This particular box was delivered around 12:00 but was left outdoors until 18:00. When the box was opened at 18:00, the temperature inside was only 0.9c and the ice elements were still partly frozen.

Our boxes are ready for the summer!

Enjoy the summer with our Food Boxes knowing that your food is safe.