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The Herbs of the Arctic

April 23rd, 2014

Angelica - The all purpose herb

Angelica, or Kvann as it is called in danish, is one of the most used herbs in the Greenlandic kitchen. It has been used since the begging of Greenlandic civilisation and has a wealth of usages. It was used as a remedy against sickness which is why it was given its name "angelica" meaning angel's herb.

Due to the high vitamin C content it was used to prevent scurvey, to heal most sommen illnesses and to stimulate both body and soul.

The whole plant is edible. The root can be chewed or cooked. The stalks have a higher sugar content and can be eaten like our common celery or used to sweeten dishes when cooked. The seeds can used as a spice. The leaves can be cooked as a tea or used as a herb to enhance taste in a multitude of recipes.

The artic summer is very short. So the herb picking is limited to under two months per year.

Still to come:

  • Angelica coated prawns
  • Coconut curry soup with scallops and bacon
  • Chicken meatballs with grapefruit salad
  • Roasted pork with pearl barley salad
  • We will also find a couple of vegetarian recipes so all of you can enjoy the taste!



Picking of artic thyme on the left and drying of Angelica leaves on the right