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Springtime is bear’s garlic time!

March 14th, 2016

Hooray, spring has arrived!

Despite the dull weather, you may have noticed nature sprouting up everywhere and the city’s parks and meadows are covered with crocuses and other little heralds of spring.

Inextricably linked with spring is bear’s garlic. Bear’s garlic is a distant relative to onion, leek and garlic. Bear’s garlic tastes like a fresher, smoother version of garlic. However, bear’s garlic causes less bad mouth odor.

The season for bear’s garlic is from March to May and you can find it in Luxembourg’s wild nature, too.

Bear’s garlic is harvest before blooming because the taste turns bitter once it has bloomed. Careful! Bear’s garlic can easily be mistaken for the poisonous lily of the valley, meadow saffron or common arum. There is one very helpful trick: Grind the leaves between your fingers and if they smell of garlic, then you have the right plant!

Tip: In order to preserve the wild plants, it is best to pick just one leaf per plant.

If you are up for the adventure of seeking the wild plants, then you will most likely find them in swampy and moist areas. Alternatively, ask your local grocer for fresh bear’s garlic. In the supermarkets, you may also find this herb under the pseudonyms “ramsons”, “bear leek” or “wild garlic”.

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