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Olive oil - Healing in the kitchen

December 15th, 2014

The healing powers of olive oil!

I once went to an olive oil tasting competition where they had 100’s of various olive oils from all over the world. The variety in colour, smell and taste was incredible!

But olive oil is not just incredible on the outside. What lies inside is even more fascinating.

“Thy food is thy medicine”. The famous quote by Hippocrates is once again proven right with all the valuable attributes of olive oil. It is so commonly used, yet many do not realize the positive benefits it has on our bodies.

Next time you pour olive oil on your salad, or mix it in your pesto, think about this:

  • Superior quality raw olive oil contains an abundance of antioxidants which are being increasingly praised for countering many illnesses such as too high cholesterol, heart diseases, thrombosis and some cancers.
  • The high amount of vitamin E and antioxidants also play a large role in the delayed aging of our cells, hence making our skin look youthfull for a longer time.
  • Recent studies show that regular olive oil consumption can have a beneficial effect on the blood sugar levels in diabetes patients.
  • Olive oil can regulate the stomach acid production and can hence prevent stomach ulcers, and gallstones from developing. And should the gallstones already be there, then an olive oil cure is a great way to help them pass.
  • In order to counter constipation, a tablespoon of olive oil in the mornings on an empty stomach help with relief.

But how can you profit the most from all these benefits?

Firstly it is important to distinguish olive oil from olive oil. You should always have 2 kinds of olive oil in your kitchen. One for heating and one for raw consumption. Both should be extra virgin olive oils, we of course recommend organic oils. But the olive oil for raw consumption should be of superior quality in both production and taste. This kind of olive oil will typically cost 10-15€ per bottle. A virgin olive oil for warm cooking costs about half that price.

Why two different oils? Because you should benefit the most from your olive oil and a good olive oil is expensive. And when you cook your olive oil it loses its taste and healing qualities, so why spend a lot of money on it then!

With this said, it is not recommended to heat your olive oil to over 180c. When olive oil reaches this temperature, it becomes rancid and full of free radicals which are harmful to the body. Whenever you need to cook anything over 180c we recommend using coconut oil. Even at very high temperatures the molecules of coconut oil stay stable and do not release any free radicals. Because your health is in our best interest, from January onwards we will also recommend you to use coconut oil in all recipes heated above 180c.

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