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Mountain snacks

February 1st, 2016

Are you going skiing this season? Here are few tips on how to make sure you keep up your energy levels throughout the day without your bloodsugar spiking!


Eat healthy snacks in between your meals. Some snacks are better than others because they contain no added sugars.


Here is a list of good and bad in between snacks which you can easily have in your pocket:

Great snacks:

  • Mixed nuts (Cashews, Almonds, Pekans, Macadamia etc.)
  • Dried fruits (Raisins, Goji, Cranberries, Apples)
  • Raw food muesli bars (these contain no cereal or sugar)
  • A bottle of pure coconut juice (or water)


Bad snacks:

  • Normal muesli bars as they tend to have alot of sugar and high carbohydrate percentage
  • Anything with sugar, like fizzy drinks or juices with sugar.
  • Chocolate and other "industrial" sweets


It’s great to make your own nuts and dried fruits mix in a large plastic bag at home and then just fill it into small zip lock bags every morning before you go skiing.

It’s easy for Kids and adults to eat while sitting on the ski lifts!

Generally when skiing, everybody tends to drink far too little water. Therefore I suggest coconut water as an alternative to water since this fills up all your electrolyte needs with only a few gulps!

But remember to fill up on water (at least 2L per day!) before and after skiing. Especially before drinking alcohol at those after-ski events :-)

I know that Ovomaltine, Alcohol and heavy cheese and potato meals are all part of the mountain experience. But just consider that your performance, endurance and recuperation time on the mountain is soooo much better if you pay a little attention to what you eat and drink!

And your kids will be much happier and energetic without being cranky if you ensure that their blood sugar level is stable throughout the days.

Your body will thank you for it!

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