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Kale Superfood Salad

October 14th, 2016

Hi October! We hope you still have planned to give us some sunny hours!

To get cold or wet can give you a cold and a bad time at work or in school. Food can support your immune system to function at its ideal level.

Thanks to the large amount of vitamin C and antioxidants this salad helps you boost your immune system. Accompanied with lentils and hemp seeds this recipe delivers you also great vegetable protein sources. 

You can find this delicious recipe in the Low Carb, Vegetarian, Vegan and Single Boxes in week 43 (deliveries 26./28.10.2016)

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30 min.539 kcal.4 pers.


  • Kale400  g
  • Hemp seeds30  g
  • Blue grapes400  g
  • Oranges2  pcs
  • A jar of chickpeas1  pcs
  • Slicing cucumber1  pcs
  • Green deli lentils200  g
  • Red bell pepper1  pcs
  • Pecan nuts30  g

Good to have at home

  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive oil

How to do:


  • Cook the lentils for 25 min. in boiling water. Drain and rinse them afterwards.
  • Clean the kale, trim the stems and cut the leaves into 1-2 cm thin strips. Add the kale with a dash of olive oil to a larger bowl and knead for 1 min. with your hands. Drain the chickpeas into a colander and rinse them with water. Wash the grapes. Cut off the peel of the oranges and cut out the fillets with a sharp knife. Keep the juice for the salad. Wash, the slicing cucumber, halve it lengthwise and remove the seeds with a teaspoon. Finely slice the cucumber. Wash, core and finely slice the bell pepper.
  • Add the kale to each 1 bowl per person. Top with cucumber, chickpeas, orange, grapes, pecan nuts, bell pepper and lentils. Drizzle with some good olive oil and the remaining orange juice and season with a pinch of each salt and pepper. Sprinkle with hemp seeds.