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Grow Your Own Vegetables

April 29th, 2014

The most rewarding part of vegetable growing is when you actually get to pick the vegetables which YOU have grown. I mean, you actually created LIFE! Thats just so amazing. And the kids love it too. My kids literaly watch the plants grow everyday and cant wait for them to be ready to eat.

My favourite vegetables to grow are sugar snap peas. They grow fast, are fun to pick, taste sweet and delicious, and the fresh sprouts are really great in salads too!

So here is my 10-step dummies guide to preparing to grow your own vegetables. Its really easy, I promise!

  1. For convenience, make it high! Use large pots, old wooden wine crates etc. Anything you can find which is at least 30cm wide and tall, can be used for vegetables.
  2. Choose a sunny location close to your terrasse. The further you have to walk, the less you will use it!
  3. Choose easy plants such as cherry tomatoes,  peas, carrots and zucchini.
  4. Buy seedlings (small plants) for the tomato and zucchini plants to get a result even faster. Buy the seeds and seedlings from organic sources. Let me know if you need names.
  5. Buy alot of soil for vegetables. Soil is heavy, and you need alot, even if you only grow in pots so I can recommend having it delivered to your doorstep. Several companies in Luxembourg do this. If you need names, let me know!
  6. Put clay pebbles in the bottom 10-15cm of your pots. This makes them less heavy, and better for water absorbtion.
  7. Add some organic fertilizer to the soil when you plant the vegetables. It just gives them the extra energy they need.
  8. Now you have all the material, just follow the planting instructions on the back of your seed bags and watch your plants grow!
  9. Its planting season NOW! Dont wait too long before you start planting. Below I have put together a planting calendar so you can see when you need to get going!
  10. Remember its all about having fun. So dont think too big and just enjoy the process!