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DIY Easter Egg Stands

April 4th, 2017

Time to bring some new life into your home this spring! 

60 min.154 kcal.6 pers.


  • A bag of Cress seeds1  pcs
  • A box of 6 eggs1  pcs
  • Cotton wool1  pcs
  • Acrylic paint1  pcs
  • Wood glue1  pcs
  • Paintbrush1  pcs
  • Wooden rings12  pcs

How to do:

  • Create your own beautifully coloured pastel DIY egg stands! All you need is some material from the DIY shop, eggs, cotton and cress seeds.
  • Take the rings and paint one side of the rings with your preferred acrylic colour. Leave to dry on a paper pad. Turn the rings and paint the other side. Leave to dry again.
  • Glue the rings together and leave to dry.
  • For the "eggheads" with cress hair you can either boil and colour eggs or your buy them ready coloured in your local supermarket. Peel the top and carefully remove the egg from the shell. You can use the boiled egg for a delicious egg salad!
  • Fill the egg shells 2/3 with some wet cotton wool. Sprinkle a single layer of cress seeds onto the cotton wool and gently press them down. Place the eggs in the DIY egg stands and place them in a warm and light spot. Wait for the “hair” to grow. After a few days the cress should shoot. Water the cress with each a tsp. of water every day or every other day. After approx. 10 days the cress is ready to harvest.
  • The Easter DIY egg stands make the perfect decoration for your family Easter brunch!
  • TIP: Use more wooden rings to vary the levels of the egg stands.