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Christmas in a Box!

November 21st, 2014

Special Christmas Menu Box.

Put together your individual menu for Christmas!

Choose Starter, Main course and Dessert. You may choose more starters and desserts if you wish.

Please note that boxes will only be valid for delivery if they are complete with minimum 3 courses (one of them a main course).

We have Vegan and Vegetarian recipes available for all courses!

See the whole Menu at a glance:


  • Parmesan soufflé with fine sautéed zucchini strips (vegetarian)
  • Pumpkin soup with truffels (vegetarian)
  • Avocado and apple tartar with feta and bell pepper jus (vegetarian)
  • Sweet potato galettes with chestnut crumble (vegan)

Main course:

  • Roasted duck with red apple cabbage, potato dumplings and chestnut sauce (+ Pork roast with crust in the 6 persons box)
  • Dorade in salt crust with hasselback potatoes and fresh dill hollandaise
  • Mushroom and chestnut ragout with potato dumplings and red apple cabbage (vegetarian)
  • Sherpherd's pie with leeks, mushrooms and pear, with red apple cabbage on the side (vegan)


  • Christmas coconut rice pudding with spiced apple and pear compote (vegan)
  • Panna cotta with German baked apples and dark chocolate sauce
  • Hot chocolate soufflé with spiced orange sauce
  • Christmas Tiramisù with pistacio crumble and apple compote

All deliveries are in week 52 on December 24th. We guarantee that your box will arrive at your house before 11am!



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