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Baltes Haff - The goats farm

May 12th, 2014

Baltes Haff is an organic farm since 2000 and specialises in goats milk products.

In 2007 they launched their own production site where they now produce 15 different cheeses.

It was a great experience to visit the farm a couple of months ago. The farmer showed me everything with great pride and I was really impressed by the small but well equipped cheese production facility.

Baltes Haff has a very close relationship to the animals. Apart from the goats, the family keeps many other animals amongst which are cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits and a herd of shetland ponies. The farm is part of a initiative to promote organic farms and is open to visitors for small or large groups and they are especially fond of organising visits for children and school classes.

You can buy Baltes Haff products in various organic supermarket or at the farm itself. Its definitly worth a visit.

Im sure, next time you see a product from Baltes Haff in your Food Box you will appreciate it even more!

Click here to visit the Baltes Haff website

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