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Autumn power salad

October 3rd, 2017

Autumn power salad

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25 min.578 kcal.2 pers.


  • Kale250  g
  • Bulgur75  g
  • A package of peeled edamame1  pcs
  • Walnuts15  g
  • Blue grapes150  g
  • Hemp seeds15  g
  • Apples1  pcs
  • Dried goji berries15  g
  • Lemon1  pcs

Good to have at home

  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Dijon mustard
  • Agave syrup

How to do:


  • Put the bulgur, edamame and the double volume of water in a pot and bring to a simmer. Cook the bulgur for 10 min. over medium/low heat until tender. Set aside to cool down.
  • In the meantime, clean the kale, remove the ribs and pick the leaves into bite-sized pieces. Wash the grapes. Squeeze out the juice of a lemon. Wash, core and cube the apples.
  • Combine the kale, the bulgur, the edamame, the grapes, the apples, the goji berries, the nuts and the hemp seeds in a big bowl and mix well. Prepare a dressing made of lemon juice, mustard, agave syrup and olive oil. Season to taste with salt and pepper and fold into the salad.