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A letter to Fat

January 11th, 2016

Dear Fat,

I apologize for neglecting you. Over the years, I was lead to believe you were the bad guy. I was told to keep away from you because you were bad for my health leading to high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity and much more. I bought low-fat-everything I could find!

Despite my efforts to keep away from you, I kept putting on weight, and other health issues were slowly creeping up on me. I started reading independent diet research papers and found out that I shouldn’t just believe everything the media says. It’s all a big lie! I’m sorry I believed them and not you.

Now I understand, you are just doing your job. Keeping all my cells alive, feeding them with essential nutrients to keep me healthy. You are not the bad guy and I hope nothing more than to make everyone I know understand the same.

You have nothing to do with the health epidemic of our modern society. It’s your rival Sugar which is the culprit in all this. Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, everywhere we go! Sugar makes us fat. Sugar makes us lazy, lethargic. Sugar slows down all our body functions and in the end turns itself into fat. But not the good, real fat. it turns into the bad and ugly wobly fat which clings to our thighs and stomach.

Now when I go shopping I read all the labels before I buy anything, because sugar comes in SO many disguises. It hides in over 95% of all packaged products! It hides behind names such as sucrose, fructose, glucose, invert corn syrup, dextrose or any of the other 55 aliases. All in the hope that we, the consumers, will not find it! But I know better now and I will not be fooled anymore!

No human is supposed to eat more than 2 tbsp. of sugar (all sugars!) a day, but many of us consume up to 7x more, EVERY day!

Thank you fat, thank you for keeping me alive. I am looking forward to seeing more of you in the avocados, nuts, cold pressed oils, oily fish, and much more which is now part of my shopping basket!


An anonymous fan