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40 days of food awareness

March 1st, 2017

Today, 1st of March, lent starts in some parts of the world. Although not everyone is catholic or even religious it is a great reminder to at least think about how we are eating. 

This year, we shout out the 40 days of food awareness! Everyday the next 39 days we'll give you interesting facts, infos and recipes concerning food awareness. 
We want to create an awareness of the food we give the body and, resulting with this awareness, making decisions that will be contributive to our health. 

Today, we talk about food waste and how to minimalize it. Doing the groceries is quite expensive in Luxembourg, especially if you're into healthy organic groceries! 
How comes, regarding the insane amount of money one spends, we still waste so much food every week? 

1. Sensory overload: You've probably experienced it yourself. Going to the supermarket can be a very special trip although you have carefully considered what to shop in advance. Then there are so many shiny new products that you loose track and then all the resolutions are gone. What helps? Stick to the list. 

2. Quantities: People, who dance solo through live might know it best. There's no portion small enough. You end up eating the same for a couple of days or you accept to buy more and throw it once you get tired of it. That is not only expensive, it is also absolutely wasteful. What helps? Plan your week ahead. Store ingredients the way they deserve it in order to make them keep them longer. Buy packaging-free! There is already 1 shop in Luxembourg that offers organic unpacked natural ingredients. Bring you containers and buy exactly the amount you need. How great is that! 

3. High flexibility: We change plans like socks. Some more often, some regularly ;) What this means is that our lives are more and more unpredictable compared to the lives being lived 30 years ago. We have flexible working hours, flexible work spaces, flexible evening plans. Life is faster than it used to be and we just need to deal with it. What helps? Knowledge about how to preserve things! No worries, we'll tell you how. 

Sure, there are plenty more reasons but these three are already enough to see that we need to adapt our habits a bit. 

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