This is Avocado

Avocado is where you find new inspiration for your cooking. Its where you can get help in your busy family life. Its simply the place to go if you just want someone else to take care of your food needs!

Whomever you are and whatever you do, Avocado can help you bring new life in your kitchen and put a smile on your face at that critical time of the day, when you are just trying to do it all!

Dig in to the world of Avocado and find your perfect box to match your lifestyle!

If you cant find it, then let us know so we can create it.

We want you to be healthy

At Avocado we have a strong set of values.

One which is particuarly important to us is "care". Everything we do is because we care. We care about you, your health and your family. We care about nature, animals and our local economy.

We strive to meet this value with everything we do. And with your help and feedback we get better one day at a time!

Our Team

  • All my life I have had to put dinner on the family table. I have long been lost for inspiration and am very happy that Avocado has brought the fun and surprise back in my cooking

  • I totally like your idea and your passion to execute it

  • The Avocado Boxes have helped us rethink our diet choice and eat healthier!

  • I had the "Friends Dinner Box" and the menu was perfect. We had some friends for dinner and everybody loved it. I often recommend to my friends!


We love to work with these partners and suppliers


Our favourite supplier of all things related to goats milk! We especially love his cheese in olive oil. Its like a feta, ready to be crumbles over just about anything you eat!


A German supplier of all things BIO! Whether local, regional or world-wide produce, Dennree helps us ensure we receive enough produce to fill all the delicious boxes we pack for you each week.


This Luxembourgish organic chicken farmer decided to put his scrap eggs to good use and started making delicious egg pasta in all shapes and sizes. We love all their varieties!