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  • This weeks The Fruit and Snack Box box recipes

    • The Fruit and Snack Box Week 22-2017
  • This weeks Low Carb box recipes

    • Beef stir-fry with green beans, bell pepper and sweet potato
    • Fish cakes with raw vegetable cuts and hemp tzatziki
    • Minestrone soup with white beans and spinach
    • BBQ veal sausages with apricot salsa and roasted cauliflower
    • Nut-crusted asparagus with side salat
  • This weeks Classic box recipes

    • Mini quiches with cooked ham with crunchy carrot salad
    • Fish cakes with raw vegetable cuts and homemade tzatziki
    • Spinach salad with pan-fried pumpkin and pearl barley
    • Fresh spätzle with sausage goulash and mozzarella
    • Summer polenta with grilled cheese
  • This weeks Vegan box recipes

    • Potato tarte tatin with thyme
    • Roasted cauliflower with apricot salsa and avocado
    • Wholegrain sesame bread with homemade pumpkin hummus and sprouts
  • This weeks Vegetarian box recipes

    • Minestrone soup with white beans and spinach
    • Polenta squares with Swiss chard topping and Italian cheese
    • Fresh spätzle with ratatouille vegetables and onion crunch
    • Fresh salad with berries, nuts and buffalo mozzarella
    • Easy spinach and manouri cheese frittata

Recipes written only for you

Jette, our busy recipe writer, writes about 25 recipes for you every week! These recipes are the heart of your Avocado Box. Every day you choose a recipe from your box, you come one step closer to bringing delicious and healthy food on the table for your family.

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